Lusty Babe Melissa Casta Bambi’s Sexy See-Through Thong Candids

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elliot-wolf - May 19, 2018

It’s interesting that the name of the babe I’m most infatuated with at the moment happens to be Melissa Casta. Because her beauty, body, and attractive face has casta spell on me. I can’t look away or pay attention to anything or anyone else when I see her. Obviously there’s some kind of magic going on here. I’m not saying that this woman is a witch but she sure knows a trick or two. And her managing to care enough to bring her small canine friend is a plus in my book. Only a truly kind woman would bring her dog to the beach. She knows that no puppy should be left behind when there’s fun to be had. Melissa is seductive and selfless, it’s everything I ever wanted in a woman.

Maybe Melissa should contemplate about bringing me the next time she’s at the shore. I can be the person to make sure that both her and her animal are 100 percent dry after a swim. Like an official caretaker with a towel. I would eventually become invaluable to her beach experience. So much so that she would be forced to bring me along every time.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram