Louisa Lytton Bikini Pictures Booty Up to an Egotastic! Intrdouction

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bill-swift - June 11, 2013

You know I'm a sucker for bikini butts. More specifically, I wish I could turn girls bikini butts into suckers. Imagine that on a stick to get you through the day. So, when I saw British soap actress and TV dancer Louisa Lytton attempting to be the first Englander to get a real tan in Miami, well, I just had to add her to our roster.

Louisa obliged us with not one, but two bikinis over the weekend in South Florida, prancing about the beach, a shorty minx attracting attention to her derriere, at least, that's where my high-minded mind was trained. Welcome to Egotastic!, Louisa. Come in, sit, slip into something far less clothing like. Enjoy.