Loki Introduced ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Footage and People Wet Themselves

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bill-swift - July 23, 2013

Blah blah blah, Comic-Con. Loki has a new army: a whole big mass of nerds.

In one of the more exciting moments of a somewhat lackluster Comic-Con weekend, Saturday's Marvel panel in the storied Hall H went off the rails.

The whole to-do began when Marvel Studios' head-nerd-in-charge Kevin Feige dropped in to present some bonus footage for Thor: The Dark World. Moments before the footage started, lights went out and the stage yielded to a far more sensational MC, Loki the bastard outcast of Asgard.

Loki, played by Brit Tom Hiddleston in full garb, went on to chastise the crowd for their slavish commitment to the Con. He even backed off a 'mewling quim'.

Anyways, people got a good look at Marvel's new favorite villain and then they got to see how much more fantastical this Thor will be than the last one. As they showed the footage, people were still going nuts. We have unconfirmed reports that nerds were losing control of their bodily functions. Maybe it was the heat? Or maybe, quims are just like that? Or something. Blah blah blah, Comic-Con.