Lisa Trevor and the Top 7 Greatest Bosses in Resident Evil

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bill-swift - September 17, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday! Another week, another list. However, I must admit...I'm writing this on a Saturday in an attempt to get ahead of the game next time. I have lied to you all and for that, I am sorry. On the plus side, it's actually pretty damn nice outside and I intend to make the best of it...eventually.

Last week we took a look at some of the greatest animals in gaming; from man's best friend to the big DK himself. As usual, we're moving on to another topic. This week: the most terrifying bosses Resident Evil has to offer. A lot of great games are coming out within the next couple months. Borderlands 2 will be hitting store shelves in three days and Resident Evil 6 is right around the corner in October.

I've been thinking a lot about Resident Evil 6 lately. With all these trailers and screen shots and advertising campaigns, fans are just about ready to burst if they don't get their hands on some zombie killing action soon. I'm pretty sure we're hitting the end RE6's news feed before it's release next month so hopefully a juicy little 'Top 7' will satisfy your hunger (or at least temporarily tame it) for the time being. Check it out!