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bill-swift - November 22, 2005

Pamela Anderson is going to explode! (HollywoodTuna)

Hold on, hold on. Paris Hilton is putting out an album!? Oh, and check out her wonky foot. (A Socialite's life)

Wait, do we still care about Britney and Kevin? (IDLYITW)

Kirsten Dunst and Tara Reid are best friends. That makes sense. (Perez Hilton)

Jake Gyllenhaal got caught picking his nose. (Just Jared)

Courtney Love's rehab sentence was relaxed, but her face has been stretched. (CityRag)

Nicole Kidman and who? (Glitterati)

Christina Aguilera got married. The world continues not to care about her. (Dlisted)

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling: Two pasty Canadians in love. (Popsugar)

Jennifer Love Hewitt needs a nap. And so do I. (Hollywood Rag)

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