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bill-swift - May 26, 2006

Tom Cruise comes out of the closet restroom. (A Socialite's Life)

Jessica Simpson is kinda letting herself go. (Hollywood Tuna)

So, aparently, Paris Hilton called Lindsay Lohan a Cunt. How did I miss this one? (CollegeHumor)

Is K-Fed on his way out? (Pink is the New Blog)

The Pussycat Dolls are not dolls. They are gross. (IDLYITW)

Britney Spears is showing how fat pregnant she is. (Just Jared)

Is Paris Hilton getting fingered by random guys at clubs? I wouldn't doubt it. (DListed)

When is Gwen Stefani going to pop? (Popsugar)

Taylor Hicks is your new American Idol. (Hollywood Rag)

The Dixie Chicks say no to The View, but yes to Howard Stern. (CityRag)

No shoes, no service for Owen Wilson. (CelebNewsWire)

David Hasselhoff sheds a tear on American Idol. (Defamer)

Mel Gibson doesn't like The Da Vinci Code. Surprise, surprise. (Yeeeah!)

Britney Spears is tired of getting hassled for money by Kevin Federline Kabbalah. (Celebrity Crunch)

Whitney Houston isn't fooling anybody. (Derek Hail)

Marie Osmond's daughters have some slutty MySpace profiles. (Celebrity Nation)

It doesn't matter that Hugh Hefner's birthday was months ago. He's still celebrating. (Useless Things)

For those who don't know, Rachel Perry is a Canadian, and a hottie. (Popoholic)

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