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bill-swift - December 14, 2005

Christina Aguilera is the poor man's Britney Spears. She's less skanky, less trashy, less fat, and her husband is less of a dick. (HollywoodTuna)

Ugh. Jennifer Lopez continues with her new "I'm really scary" look. (A Socialite's Life)

More of Colin Farrell, and his mullet. (Just Jared)

Kirsten Dunst keeps parking in the handicapped spot. Not very nice, unless she really needs to... (Perez Hilton)

Find out which stars do and don't look good in HDTV. (IDLYITW)

And then take a look at these celebrity cameltoes. (CityRag)

Kate Moss is scared of going back to the UK. I think the UK is glad. (Popsugar)

And yet, Kate Moss was voted best dressed of 2005. I guess cocaine doesn't inhibit your fashion sense. (Hollywood Rag)

Here's a warning to Janet Jackson: Stop now before you end up like Aretha Franklin. (Dlisted)

Brooke Burns broke her neck, but she's doing fine. At least now she can wear that fancy neck brace. (Damn I'm Cute)

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