Lindsey Morgan Boobalicious at Cleavage-Con, I Mean, Comic-Con

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brian-mcgee - July 28, 2017

My ladyfriend watches The 100, but I can't stomach it. Whenever I walk by the bedroom when she's watching, however, I'll glance in hoping to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Lindsey Morgan. My goodness she is one of the hottest women on the planet, and just seeing her for five seconds can brighten up even my darkest night. 

Lindsey was at last weekend's Comic-Con, probably to talk about The 100, but also to give us a taste of her spectacular cleavage. Looking resplendent in a low-cut blue dress that nicely showed off a solid fifty percent of her breasts, Lindsey stunned the crowd of geeks who likely experienced feelings they haven't had since that first Force Awakens trailer dropped.

Lindsey Morgan is a goddess on earth and as close as women get to perfection. I hope she can make her way into a show or movie that's at least marginally watchable soon, as I would really like to see more of her than just the five second increments I get now. Thankfully these pics can tide me over until that happens, and I've got more than just my fingers crossed that she goes nude on film sometime soon. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images