Lindsay Lohan Talks Kabbalah

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bill-swift - April 6, 2006

It's no secret that Lindsay Lohan has hopped on the celebrity bandwagon that is Kabbalah. Once the domain of devoted scholars and religious leaders, the ancient form Jewish mysticism has now been coopted by the likes of Madonna, Britney Speare, and yes, Lindsay Lohan. Now, Lindsay has finally revealed her reasons for joining the cult-like movement, which she told to Page Six's Cindy Adams, reports Life Style Extra.

"Yes, I am looking into Kabbalah," confirmed Lohan. "All of us need something. You just have to grab on to whatever gets you through. Maybe it's this business, but it seems everything can be tough, so hard."

At least it's not Scientology. What is it with these crazy celebrities? If it's not drugs, alcohol, or sex tapes, it's the latest religious craze. Regardless, just because you put on a red string bracelet, doesn't mean your an instant philospher. In fact, the red bracelet has nothing to do with Kabbalah. I'm not going to get into a whole treatise on religion and mysticism here, but let's jsut say whatever it is those celebrities think they're studying (or smoking), it's not Kabbalah. Lindsay, why don't you get a hobby, or a new eating disorder, but seek salvation elsewhere, okay?