Lindsay Lohan is No Action Hero

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bill-swift - October 11, 2006

To call Linsday Lohan an actress is a stretch. To call her an action hero, well that's just delusional. Of course, it's Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan who thinks her daughter would make a great action movie star, so delusional is probably the right word. According to The Sun, Lindsay's mom wants her to become an action star, just like Angelina Jolie.

Dina told Star magazine: "She'd love to be in an action movie, like an Angelina Jolie movie."

Despite Lindsay's many health-related issues - including several trips to the hospital for exhaustion, dehydration and asthma attacks - Dina is convinced she has what it takes.

She added: "I would like to see her in a kickboxing movie. She could do it."

As for Lindsay's current wrist injury, Dina says she is "doing better" but still wearing a soft, removable cast.

So, as noted above, Lindsay Lohan has Asthma, gets "exhausted" easily, and broke her wrist by simply falling over. I'm thinking that one day in an action movie would either kill the girl, or at the very least have her in traction. Then again, the morphine would be a welcome relief, I'm sure.

If you ask me, Lindsay should stick with low risk parts, and wearing reavealing outfits. After all, there's no need to rock the boat. Besides, she'd probably just get hurt trying.