Lindsay Lohan Cleavy Cannonballs While Taking A Dip In Sardinia

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michael-garcia - August 1, 2016

Ginger beauty and legendary party girl Lindsay Lohan continued her sexy swimsuit vacation in Europe with a swim off the coast of Sardinia. Lindsay was wearing a black swimsuit that was very low cut so we got a really good look at her funbags. Lindsay has had a rack I've admired since back in the Mean Girls days when she was an up and coming Hollywood actress. Now she's a mature sophisticated grown up woman and her breasts have grown up with her. No longer are they just about the partying. The party can't go on forever, but you can continue to have fun doing cannonballs off of a yacht if you are rich, hot, and perpetually on vacation. OK, so maybe the party can go on forever. 

I look forward to Lindsay's gritty return to acting in some indie movie where she gets naked a lot. It's the logical next step in her career. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews