Let’s Check In On Justin Bieber’s Probably Devastated Ex, Baskin Champion

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aldo-vallon - July 16, 2018

Losing out on a meal ticket like The Bieber has got to be a tough failure to reconcile with. I remember back when I was a child I went to a carnival and bought cotton candy. Some fat cow bumped into me and caused me to drop it on the ground. So what I am saying is, I think I can understand what she is going through.

But on the bright side, her stock in the eyes of guys just went way up. If Justin was willing to risk an unplanned pregnancy with her then she must really be something special. And this works to her benefit. Some of those guys that are interested are going to be semi-famous, so even if she is not going to land the songbird of our generation she could still end up making out like a bandit.

My advice to Baskin is to not take this loss too hard and end up letting herself go. If she decides to fill this void with her namesake’s ice cream then she is only going to make things harder for herself and she’ll risk ending up as another girl in my Instagram feed who I wonder why I ever followed to begin with.


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA