Lena Dunham Paints Erotic Picture Of Her Breasts On Instagram

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earl-jonas - December 18, 2019


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Women are messy.

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Lena Dunham posted this watercolor painting of her breasts to Instagram a week ago, but since December 18th is National Lena Dunham Day, there's no better time to take in all of its artistic glory. The painting appears to actually be of a selfie that Dunham took, and the portrait is surrounded by various dildos and buttplugs on a dresser. Dunham has New York art world pedigree in her veins, and her mastery of color and shape is more than apparent here. And just look at those sweet perky nips that just need to be sucked. Suck suck suck. Non nom nom. And we're not the only ones who can't get enough of what we're seeing here. Just ask Rita Wilson:


@Lena paint me like one of your French fries. Well happy National Lena Dunham Day everyone!