Lea Michele Nearly Slips Out Of Her Dress

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bill-swift - June 9, 2016

Lea Michele is into taking risks. Mostly with her wardrobe choices really, her work seems pretty tame. But when Lea gets decked out to go out and show off to her heart and chest's content, she does often nearly or totally slip right out of her dress top. She takes chances. We appreciate the bold her at Egotastic. Well, bold women with fine funbags and hot looks. Otherwise boldness seems a bit wasted.

Lea was out on the town looking all kinds of hot while we lit candles and prayed for a wardrobe malfunction. You've got to pray for something, why not a blessing that suits at least half of the entire world. Lea, I know you've got more in you. You tried the music thing. You've tried the boyfriend thing. Let's try the topless thing and hit a home run. I'm not just a guy who gives unsolicited advice here. I'm a peeping Tom. Peep us! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash