Lauren Silverman Leaves Home Carrying Simon Cowell’s Bastard Baby, But No Bra

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Lex Jurgen - August 2, 2013

Simon Cowell's mom says Simon is going to make a great dad. Any why wouldn't a guy who banged a baby into his buddy's wife make a great dad? Especially if by great dad you mean a guy who won't be around much but has tons of money to buy you shit and might just die young.

Any implication or statement that my client is engaged in adultery and has allegedly broken up the marriage of Ms. Silverman is not only false but reckless. - Marty Singer, asshole attorney to Simon Cowell, back in May.

Cowell has re-retained Marty Singer, asshole attorney, now that he's caught up in the Silverman divorce, since he kind of got the Mrs. pregnant. I can only hope Marty has more strongly worded and completely empty statements to issue to the press.

Here's Lauren Silverman leaving her mom's house without a bra on. Her boobs have quickly become the most interesting part of this story.

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