Lais Ribeiro Oiled Up Bikini Modeling

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bill-swift - January 28, 2016

So many super hotties, so little time. Still, I try to make time for each of the women so incredibly attractive that random strangers will help them form a blockade to keep me away from them with my autograph book. Is it really that rude to ask for a butt print for my book? I do like to ink their bottoms and get a nice impression.

Speaking of nice bottoms, oh, Brazilian wunderkind Lais Ribeiro and her sultry perfect body showing off in bikinis in Victoria's Secret. Lais comes pre-lubricated and shiny for your pleasure, courtesy of management. Oh, that Brazilian bikini tush. I do believe I can picture us together on a beach vacation and never leaving the room. There is no such thing as an outside that is as marvelous as an inside with Lais Ribeiro. I'll call room service to order us more oysters and towels. We won't leave this room until March. So damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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