Lady Gaga Cleavy Braless Show In NYC

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2016

Lady Gaga went out and about in her native New York City in a sheer shirt with no bra. It seems to be an epidemic, but the awesome kind, of hotties wandering around in see-through shirts and no bras on. It's something I've been saying needed to happen for a long time in order to make our country better than ever. Ms. Gaga has a nice juicy pair of melons that come no doubt from her Italian heritage. Those are indeed some spicy meatballs. This is a pretty normal outfit for her. Usually she's wearing meat or a kid's science fair project on her sexy body. It's moments like this, when she's dressed provocatively but not like a freakshow, that you realize how sexy she can be. 

I think Gaga should dress like this more often. I know her schtick is to be shocking but isn't it more shocking when the shocking person isn't being shocking?


Photo Credit: Splash