Lady Gaga Bare Midriff Leaving Apartment

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michael-garcia - August 5, 2016

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her apartment in New York City but she forgot to wear a shirt. Leave it to Gaga to find ways to dress provocatively while still looking like she's going to a business meeting. She's wearing a sheer bra top which gives us a peek at those famous Gaga ta-tas. She's got a nice pair of hooters, as you might remember from the hundreds of times she's shown them off. But the real news is her taut bare mid-riff. Gaga is in really good shape what with all the crazy dance choreography she does and whatnot. So, her stomach is nice and firm. If my mid section looked like that I'd show it off too. And I was a girl, of course. If you are a dude who shows off your bare mid-riff a lot you are probably more like The Situation from The Jersey Shore than just a guy in good shape. No one wants that.

I enjoy seeing what crazy things Lady Gaga cooks up to wear. It's a fun game. Will she wear a jacket and no shirt or dress like a little pink pussycat? Hard to say. 


Photo Credit: Splash