Kourtney Kardashian Still Super Much MILFtastic

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bill-swift - March 13, 2017

While Kourtney Kardashian is clearly the least exhibitionist and self-promoting of the original three Kardashian sisters, not to mention the eldest, she is consistently the reality family member we hear most about in a prurient positive fashion. Kourtney seems to rattle the cage. Being a hot mom at almost 38 now with big sweater puppies and actually taking her kids places even not for the show, that might add to her MILFtastic scoring.

Kourtney doesn't go for the big ass implants and miniskirt reveals, but her petite but big and chesty appearance with form fitting tops out and about never ceases to fuel the fap boy fantasies. She's single too. Albeit she seems to produce an inordinate number of offspring. That's not a bad thing, unless you're paying. Just kidding, she is. Such a nice sextastic little mom. I totally understand the popular sentiments. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet