Kim Kardashian Skin Tight Chesty Bodysuit

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bill-swift - March 4, 2016

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to find a bodysuit two sizes too small for her bodaciously curved frame and still decide it's more than appropriate to leave the home in. I often wonder if she just shops in the juniors department or calls outlets and says she's a very modestly busted woman looking for something that will fit her right, then just slams her big macadamias into the outfit and stretches until just the right amount of cleavage is showing. And that right amount is massive.

Kim is almost entirely rid of her baby weight or at least adjusted it accordingly to various other parts of her body. So why not the uber-tight bodysuit and a walk about town showing off boobtastic and booty like you own them. Because you kind of do. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, much like Miley Cyrus she has raised the bar for public displays of skin for female celebrities just out and about. She's created a phenomenon. That's not a nothing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Splash