Kim Kardashian Sheer Top in Manhattan, Yep, It’s See-Through

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bill-swift - February 17, 2017

Kim Kardashian has returned to the public spotlight with a bang. Well, two bangs. Since laying low for several months after her jewelry armed heist, Kim is back both online and offline, doing what she does best. Did somebody really say mathematics?

In New York for Fashion Week, the time her husband shows the world his new five hundred dollar shoes and hoodies, Kim decided to make a fashion statement of her own. Zero cleavage. A completely covering sweater top. One that just happened to be super sheer and pretty much see-through in the midday sun. So, let's not call this a wardrobe malfunction as Kim likely measured the transparency before leaving the building. As gentlemen oglers are now looking back. We kind of missed her. We definitely missed the funbags. Enjoy

Photo credit: FameFlynet