Kim Kardashian Back to Boobtastic in the Big Easy

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bill-swift - April 12, 2016

Kim Kardashian moves past baby weight issues pretty quickly for a shorter woman and right back into very public displays of the moneymakers that brought her to the dance. The star of everything that makes money from young women who find school boring was out and abut in New Orleans in one of her signature boobtastic baring looks. Say what you want about Kim, I've heard it all, and said some of it myself, she's kept herself in camera stealing shape and looks through her reproductive stage and no longer being the teen girl working over adults in her circle with swipes of her tongue.

Kim has of late been posting censored nude pictures of herself to social media and declaring herself a source of female empowerment. I suppose that's mostly up to the ladies to decide if they feel that's in their best regard. I do know it's a trend we here at Egotastic applaud with all of our third wave feminist hearts. We have nothing but lust and love for our fair ladies. We can respect a woman we see naked. We're not such simple creatures. I mean, obviously we do need some private time to work through our personal anatomical issues first, but then we're good for like the next ten minutes to be utterly objective. Kim, keep working your yabbos. It never hurt to add more flesh filled fantasy to the world. It's still free. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash