KillSwitch Eliminates Any Trace of Your Ex on Facebook

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bill-swift - September 27, 2013

Break-ups used to be so simple. All you had to do was haul all of your ex's stuff out of your place and move on. But Facebook and a buttload of other social networks have changed the process of breaking up. Now there are tags to delete, pictures to hide, and comments to erase before you're able to cut your ex out for sure.

Sounds like a pain to have to do manually, which is why it's so awesome that something like KillSwitch actually exists. It's an app that promises to clear your Facebook timeline of any reference to your ex. Just fire up the app, choose your ex from your friends list (boo hoo to you if you already blocked and deleted her), and let the app get to work.

It's available for iOS and Android devices.

Get It: $0.99

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