Khloe Kardashian Playoff Showoff in Red

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bill-swift - April 24, 2017

No matter what you think of the Kardashians, well, it does matter I suppose, Khloe Kardashian is the one who you might say is exceedingly loyal to her man. Or, men. Mans? She has had a few and they all seem to be in the entertainment or sports industries, meaning a prominent chance to be the supportive girlfriend. As she is doing now with Tristan Thompson of the Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs. And nothing says supportive like showing off your funbags in public.

Khloe has upped her game for the bigger games, to include a red outfit that hid little of her skin filled offerings to her boyfriends and world at large. She's struggled in a way to compete with her petite sisters, but Khloe's stature offers her the chance to wear a red baring bra top and be noticed by cameras for fifty miles. Like a beacon of the boobtastic. Assume she loves the attention and her boyfriend doesn't mind. If the Cavaliers lose, it'll be the Kardashian Curse. If they win, that bra top is coming off. Ah, sports. I mean, sex. Wait, what? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet