Kesha Dazed at Rehab

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Lex Jurgen - May 25, 2015

Ever since Vegas went to shit there's been an unwritten rule that the hotel pools have to have celebrity hosts on the big weekends. It's a draw for the cocaine sniffing junior Hollywood agents who spend Monday through Friday telling everybody where they're going to be on Saturday. For the casinos, it's a casting burden that leaves you rolling out the likes of Kesha baked out of her gourd and wearing something resembling what that big girl whose parents kept her in ballet far too long had on for her final recital. I'm not sure whose inspired to drink or do drugs staring into Kesha's eyes at eleven a.m, let alone jump into a pool where in a world run by stern moms she would be surrounded by red dye confirming her leaks. It should be enough that ambitious girls with nice bodies are in bikinis by the pool. Escort Kesha back to her butter filled sarcophagus and open again on 10/31.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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