Kendall Jenner Tall and Lean and Barely Dressed and Lust Inducing

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bill-swift - January 18, 2017

Kendall Jenner has always been the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian sister. That's purely subjective, but I'm sticking with it as I have for years now. Dating back to the days when we tried to save her from her wretched family, to no avail. Though she's cut her own path of au natural slender hotness, free from gargantuan scientific support to her female form faptastic. Hence, when she gets down to the business of showing off her own body on social media, an ogler of distinction such as myself must surely leer.

Kendall's got the near perfect body for bikinis and swimsuits, from front and back and side to side. Not buxom by any means, but befitting of the trend by VS and others to put the tall and somewhat skinny girls out front of their wares. Jenner works it well. Like a pro much well advanced beyond her age. Such is the advantage of starting to model when most of us are trying to figure out our multiplication tables. Kendall, keep swimming. Or modeling your swimwear. You do have fans. Enjoy.