Kendall Jenner Stalker Let Loose

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Lex Jurgen - October 25, 2016

Kendall Jenner's crazy ass stalker was acquitted by a jury for jumping out of the bushes everywhere this chick goes because stalking charges are super hard to make stick. At least until there's a bloody corpse on the ground and a guy in handcuffs screaming, "Why wouldn't you just marry me?"

If you want to know the downside of vapid model and reality show success, it's the mentally ill dude who believes you're meant to be together. The jury let Shavaughn McKenzie go after a seven day trial because he technically skirted the stalking law. They convicted him of misdemeanor trespassing for showing up at Jenner's new multi-million dollar Hollywood Hills home and banging on her car window when she arrived home from a super important shopping trip. He'll get no jail time for that. His mother says she's concerned that McKenzie won't take his meds. These dudes have a tremendous persistence and can stick around for years with their evolving schizoid obsessions. 

Expect the family to ramp up security for Kendall as they did Kim Kardashian after her hotel invasion robbery. Six ex-Mossad agents seems about right. Krav maga is a solid response to crazy dude with mustache hanging out at the end of the driveway with a box of chocolates and a city bus pass. A concerned mother might pull back her daughter's public appearances and profiles to save them the threat of random loons. But concerned mother's don't pocket ten percent of their adult kids' earnings. Get back out there and earn, bitches. I made enough of you that we can lose a couple or three and still keep this money train rolling.

Photo Credit: W Magazine

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