Kelly Rohrbach Bikini Candids on the Beach

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bill-swift - November 17, 2016

Despite the cliches of Los Angeles built over the years from postcards and movies and tourism board posters, you rarely see sextastic celebrities off the clock hanging out at the beach getting a little sun and showing off their epic hot bodies. Such is sweet surprise to see Baywatch beach body star and lifeguard Kelly Rohrbach in her bikini having a little recreational time along the sandy shores of the West Coast.

Kelly rose to fame on the back, err, front, err, side, of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend status, but the model and thespianic has turned her knocking door of opportunity into what is about to be big time awareness of her tingle inducing body once Baywatch comes out next Summer. Consider this a ground floor opportunity. I just want to help Kelly find those bits of sand I'm certain she missed when she brushed herself off. Trust me, Kelly. I'm extremely thorough. I'm going to need about ten hours. Yes, I do provide complementary headphones. Full service, my dear. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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