Keira Knightley Wants Plastic Surgery

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bill-swift - December 1, 2005

The Sun reports that Keira Knightley has already accepted her fate of becoming just another victim of Hollywood's obsession with youth and beauty. It's sad that at only twenty years old, Keira thinks her looks won't even last another five years. Keira Knightley definitely has some self-esteem issues. We already knew she isn't satisfied with her butt, and apparently she's not very happy with her face either. What does it take for a girl to have some self-esteem? How about being named the sexiest star in Britain?

"In five years' time I will probably already be past it and having Botox, face-lifts, nose jobs and false hair."

If you're reading this, Keira, you look fine. Don't be stupid.

Update: In a recent search for Keira Knightley news, it has come to my attention that the Sun article mentioned above is nothing more than a rehash of not one, but two Contact Music articles that are two years old.

Updated Update: And it seems even Contact Music didn't know about their own previous articles.