Keira Knightley and Her Shoe Fetish

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bill-swift - December 2, 2005

Keira Knightley has got some serious issues. First of all, her self-esteem is really low. Also, she's got a really nasty streak. Now it turns out she's got a shoe fetish too. Contact Music reports that Kinghtley has a closet full of shoes, some of which she's never worn, and others which don't even fit. This is what psychiatrists call being a "hoarder/collector," and it's generally not healthy. Trust me, I know... When asked about it, Knightley responded:

I just look at them and go, "Oh it doesn't matter that I can't wear them - they're so pretty!" I haven't got a clue how many I actually own.

Regardless of any shoe fetishes, Keira should wear more hats. Very cute.