Keanu Reeve Wants to Make ‘Bill & Ted 3’

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bill-swift - September 14, 2013

The second-to-last thing thing I expected to see this morning when I sat down at my desk was a story about Keanu Reeves. I personally love the guy, because he is awesome, but he hasn't been in anything that's been on anyone's radar since 2008. And that, for those of you who aren't great with arithmetic, was five years ago.

So when I saw Keanu's name in a few headlines, it caught my attention.

But what, you ask, was the last thing I expected to see this morning? Well, that would be a story about Keanu Reeves saying he'd LOVE to reprise his iconic role as Ted 'Theodore' Logan and make a Bill & Ted 3.

And no, I am not kidding. I would never joke about that. At the Toronto International Film Festival this week promoting his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, Reeves told Marc Malkin of E! Online that he is totally in for a third installment of the franchise. 'It would be insane,' he said. 'There's a story to tell.'

Sadly, while there apparently is a script for Bill & Ted 3—I mean, besides the one I wrote when I was 13 years old—the project is currently being delayed.

Reeves explained this to Josh Horowitz of MTV News, also at the TIFF:

It's a long story. There's lots of subterfuge and conspiracy theories. There's a whole thing... I might have to do one of those independent press, conspiracy, other-name kind of [statements] explaining why it hasn't happened yet, because it's pretty dark out there. There is [a script]. There's all sorts of stuff and it just can't—it's just—there's darkness out there that's keeping it from happening... It's that part of the story where it's looking grim. It's the dark period of the idea!

To be honest with you, I really have no f*cking clue what Keanu is talking about. But I'm sure this 'darkness' has nothing to do with Alex Winter, a.k.a. Bill S. Preston, Esquire. I think he's probably available and would love a chance to collect a paycheck work with Keanu again.

Come on, Hollywood. Make this happen.