Would You Hit It: Katy Perry Moth From Silence Of The Lambs Bikini Dumper

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Sam Robeson - January 3, 2019

Katy Perry In A Bikini


This statement might cost me my pussy hat privileges, but I generally don't think women with short hair are sexy or that they have anything to offer this world in general. Ya know? Obviously this excludes chemo patients. And 2000's Halle Berry. But IN GENERAL. If you have short hair you might as well be Justin Bieber, and quite frankly I'd rather see his vag than Katy Perry's.

Which brings us to her vacation bikini pic. Perry and half of her celeb contemporaries were slutting it up on yachts to bring in the new year, and I'd be seething with jealousy as I spent my last days of 2018 not on a yacht, but thankfully this dumper pic reminds me that sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

Technically speaking Perry still has a good body. And her butt registers as humanoid, which is something that increasingly can't be said for the stampede of plastic surgery victim Insta centaurs. And the two dots on her back mean that she might be the moth from Silence Of The Lambs, which is sexy. But the hair. And the fact that she sucks so so so so insanely much as a person. So so so much. So much. So yeah would you hit it?



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