Katie Price Pushed Up and See-Through Happy Fun Parts in London

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bill-swift - June 30, 2017

Katie Price is what you call a show woman. She's a woman, and she shows off all the time. Katie's turned it into a British celebrity art form in terms of walking that fine line of busty boobtastic walking plaything, and author, merchandise, and all around pimpstress master of many commercial avenues.

Katie's no rookie to this game of show and tell and show some more. Case in point, the dress she wore out in London town with her big mams pressed up toward the moon and her moons visible through her see-through dress. It's the kind of outfit you don't wear out lightly, because the amount of leers you receive may exceed maximum safe volumes. She seems ready for anything, including a water landing.

Katie, there's no shame in being shameless. It's the best kind of display setting on our remotes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News