Kathryn Winnick Shows Up Boobtastic for Dark Tower Premiere

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bill-swift - August 1, 2017

If you've never tracked Kathryn Winnick in her hottie Vikings star turn, then you've never known true Nordic lust. The sweet blonde veteran hottie isn't usually much for the public displays of candid sextastic, but for the official Hollywood shindigs it's simply not optional to stay home.

Thus Kathryn showed up in something low cut and alluring for the Dark Towers premiere. That's the latest Stephen King adaptation because, well because you have to adapt all of his books or kids start going missing. Kathryn didn't just arrive, she arrived and stole the red carpet show. Such is the power of the passion inducing fine female form.

The red carpet isn't merely a place, it's a destination, and an opportunity to remind one million people via one thousand camera lenses how desperately you can make men want you. Sword or no sword. Though if I'm opting for the platinum package, Kathryn, I'm going to demand full sword, loin cloth, and wolf's pelt coat. All the more to remove from your hilt. Or is that my hilt. Whoever's is more swollen, let's agree on that. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News