Kate Upton Tight Butt In Pink Yoga Pants

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aldo-vallon - March 2, 2018

Oh, Kate, what were you thinking? You cannot just slide your feet into your shoes like they are a pair of slippers. It completely destroys the integrity of the heel. I know that you are a busy woman, but you cannot possibly be so busy that you cannot take an extra ten seconds to put your shoes on the right way. You are supposed to be a role model to young women everywhere, but what kind of example are you setting with this type of behavior? There is a fine line that separates sliding your shoes on from a life of drug addiction and disappointment. I pray you never find out just how fine it is.

And if this turns out to be a clever usage of product placement then all I can say is: Well done. Whatever Nike is paying you certainly is not enough. You deserve to be draped in free Nike apparel from head to toe, and maybe even a gold swoosh necklace. These photos are worth more than a Super Bowl ad and it did not cost them a thing. I fear more of this type of advertising is on the horizon, and I am oddly okay with it.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA