Kate Upton Boobtastic Homage of Marilyn for Love Advent

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bill-swift - January 14, 2017

God bless Kate Upton for making her returns in front of the camera count a ton. Or at least to might big funbags full. Also, a kindly blessing to the Love magazine folks for releasing additional Advent calendar content that didn't squeeze into the traditional December timeline. Is there really a single season only to feast peeps upon Kate's might mighty puppies? Nay.

Kate Upton homages Marilyn Monroe in her Advent twist. There will never be another Marilyn, but all the homaging tends to provides tons of blonde bombshell reveals, so let's keep that going now and forever, sextastic ladies. How Kate's plump udders remain contained in these tiny outfits only a magician or seamstress engineer would know. I only know I'm wishing on a falling star they'll bust at those seams and unleash the jugs of juicy power. We don't see you nearly enough anymore, Kate. Let's change that in 2017. This is a wonderful start. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love magazine