Kate Mara Crazy Hot and Barely Covered in Esquire

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bill-swift - July 2, 2015

Kate Mara is one of those unsung heroes of the sextastic, an alluring mix of a thespianic in ginger top that gets the cockles a-warming and the blood flowing in the direction of magnetic north. She rarely goes into exhibitionist mode, though certainly she must know the eyes of man-kind are upon her rooting for some skin. No pressure. I mean, for you, Kate. We're feeling a bit of the psi here on our end.

The sweet minx did give a little something something for the folks at Esquire magazine, showing off a good hint of what we all long to see beneath the demure exterior. That bare skinned bevy of goodness beneath. I don't suppose Kate was ever tempted  sit upright and bare her blessed bounty, but for now, we shall gaze upon her slightly teased goodies and envision what heaven must be like for the people much more pure than ourselves. But will they know what to do with Kate when they get there? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Esquire