Karissa Shannon Seen Giving the Dog A Bone (Okay, Well, French Fries)

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bill-swift - February 16, 2011

Has it really come to this. Karissa Shannon, my dearest blonde half of a Playboy baring twin-sister set of hotties, feeding her dog french fries while boyfriend and soon to be captain lockdown, Sam Jones III, goes in for the flying tomahawk on a sidewalk paparazzi. It's an odd scene, but one that I believe I can fix. Once SJ3's in the slammer, and Karissa has run out of salty snacks to feed her cooch pooch, that's when I move in as the friendly housekeeper and untrained masseuse. I've seen the sextape, I know Karissa love her the lotion, I just bought a ten-gallon tub at Costco. It's hypoallergenic, babydoll, call me. And, enjoy.