Kara Del Toro Boobtastic Shopping Hottie

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bill-swift - April 6, 2017

There she was just a walking down the street. I can't help but feel that lyric when I see the sextastic cleavetastic combo likes of bikini hot model Kara Del Toro cruising down the boulevard in a low cut t-shirt. It's the kind of sight that invariably gets me in trouble. She notices me leering. I smile. She questions what I'm doing. As with all my brothers of Krypton, I'm unable to lie and mention perhaps I was staring at her funbags. Please, don't aim for the temples when you hurt me.

Kara's been to all the big hot spots in Hollywood lately late night and decked out. But I prefer my Del Toro in the daytime, casual and showing off. A bikini is preferred, but presume she slips into those pretty easily out of this. This is a body meant for show. Your eyes were meant for ogling. Make this symbiosis happen. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet