Just In Time for Valentine’s Day: TLC Serves Up Some Coffee Enemas For a Romantic Couple (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 14, 2013

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Ah, TLC! The once didactic network that had educational programming about geography, history, physics and biology. Then some lame woman named Kate let her deadbeat husband put eight kids inside her and out was born the tabloid network that makes most of its yearly profits from a show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. What the L in TLC stands for anymore...I have no idea.

It's hard to believe that's a real show. You can see ten more shows you can't believe are actually on TV in our gallery below. One of them happens to be the amazing My Strange Addiction, a program that documents people's...well, their addiction that also happen to be strange. Like the guy who likes to live as a baby. Or the woman who can't stop eating dry wall. Or, as in tonight's romantic episode (check out a clip in the video above), the Florida couple who are addicted to getting coffee enemas. That's right, you read that...addicted to coffee enemas, getting up to a 100 a month!

What's a coffee enema you ask? Well, according to Wikipedia it's ' procedure of inserting coffee into the anus to cleans the rectum and large intestines. This procedure, although well documented, is considered by most medical authorities to be unproven, rash and potentially dangerous.' So if read that correctly, you'll understand that this couple is addicted to having coffee blasted up their ass in order to shoot everything else back out of it. Be sure to set your DVRs.

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