Julianne Hough With An Open Jacket For Shape Magazine

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michael-garcia - August 11, 2016

Hottie Julianne Hough showed off her shape in Shape Magazine. They had her in a series of revealing ensembles but the best one was a jacket with no shirt or bra. Julianne has an incredible set of funbags on her and the cleavage is dope, as 90's rapper might say. In other photos she's wearing a sports bra top and let's us have a peek at her rock solid bare mid-riff. Julianne is in really great form. She's really fit, as the Brits would say. That means she is both physically fit and is hot. They are so cute in the way they talk like us but different. I would certainly borrow that word to use to describe Julianne but that's cultural appropriation and that's not cool. That only makes you look like a d-bag.

Julianne is on the cover of these women's fitness magazines a lot and I think it's a good thing. A healthy body like hers is what women should strive for both for the sake of sexiness and health.  


Photo Credit: Shape Magazine