Julianne Hough In Super Tight Yoga Outfit And Bralet Will Make You Thirsty

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aldo-vallon - September 13, 2018

This woman can put such little effort into being attractive and yet still be sexier than 95 percent of the population.

I would actually like to see a competition of beautiful women who compete against each other to see who is the most attractive while trying the least. They would not be allowed conventional makeup, but could use homemade stuff, like in the good old days of cholera and small pox. And for bonus points they could use things that would definitely make them uglier, like black lipstick and cat sweatshirts.

I am not much into reality TV, but I think I would be willing to watch that one. I mean, I’d have to since I am technically its creator. Why there are not more shows that try to think outside the box is a question I still do not have an answer to. Maybe there is just a shortage of attractive people who are willing to be seen as ugly. And yes, they do have to be attractive at the start. No one cares about ugly people getting uglier. We see that every day we look in the mirror.


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Photo Credit: MEGA