Judge Orders Dina Lohan’s Head Examined

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Lex Jurgen - November 23, 2013

How awesome must it be to attend law school, pass all your exams, get yourself some legal stature, become a judge in your community, then find Dina Lohan in front of you slurring out promises to get better. Fuck, give me the American Talbian or Zimmerman or John Gotti. I want some good shit if I'm going to be wearing a robe and slamming down my gavel like it's an extension of my manhood. The judge in Dina's DUI caseĀ ordered her to get a psych evaluation, if for no other reason than to see if stage mom brain really is absent the cognitive area associated with healthy human like feelings. The judge also suggested Dina perform community service before she returns for her trial date in January where he's likely to call her a scary dumb twat on the record and then send her home in tears.

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