Josie Canseco Good Wool

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jhanson - May 18, 2015

Jose Canseco's slowish daughter Josie made a video for Sports Illustrated's Swim Daily, a sham website created to get chicks without an agent to provide free content under the guise of making the cut for their next Swimsuit Issue. There's a reason you never hear those chicks talk. Turns out Josie doesn't like guys with chest hair. I'd rank that somewhere between having an anus and a degree in molecular biology in terms of interesting facts about yourself. Half those chicks are Holocaust deniers and nobody gives a shit. Question is do you remind the photographer of his step dad, are you taller than Amare Stoudemire in heels, and do you know any cute underage boys you can bring to the wrap party. I think you've got potential. Leave your nine fingered dad at home he's liable to jizz in the punch. How do you think you got here?

Photo Credit: SportsIllustratedSwimsuit/Youtube 

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