Josie Canseco Bikini Cleavage Hotness

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bill-swift - May 25, 2016

Talk about getting all grow'd up but quickly, Josie Canseco, the occasionally modeling daughter of Jose Canseco and a modeling mom has turned up the heat and skin reveals big time in this Trevor Flores bikini beach photoshot. To say Josie is starting off her adult modeling career with an advantage in both name and body is an understatement. Peering at her here for the past thirty minutes I can't believe photographers won't be clamoring over one another to shoot her and magazines to print her and gentleman oglers to do what we do. Wear the rubber shorts on those days.

Josie used to do light amateur modeling before her barely legal birthday. If this revealing sextastic beach treat is a sign of things to come, I can't wait for things to come. So much hotness bottled up in that faptastic body. Release! That's an order. A request. And also me begging and lighting candles as I always do by default. Josie. I'm hooked. What comes next? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Trevor Flores