Jo-Jo Levesque Little Red Dress Hotness at G.B.F. Film Premiere

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bill-swift - November 21, 2013

The short little red dress seems to be a popular wardrobe choice today among our favorite sextastic celebrities. While the little black dress will never go out of style, the little red dress might give off more of a dangerous quality for the hot bodied wearer. Thought that danger primarily consists of millions of men imagining taking that little red dress off of you. Like Jo-Jo Levesque at last night's red carpet premiere for the film G.B.F, which I'm told stands for Gay Best Friend, which would seem to be a better title than G.B.F, but Hollywood loves trying to be hip.

We don't see pop singer Jo-Jo out much these days, at least not in revealing form, so it's a special treat to see her putting her petite lady curves on display for this dressy event. She really  can turn on the passion-inducing after-burners as needed. We hope to see much more of her at some point. And, yes, by much more, I do mean much less clothing. Enjoy.