Jessica Stam Sheer Bodysuit Treats

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bill-swift - August 1, 2015

Jessica Stam is one seriously hot professional sexy person. She definitely proves that in these pics where she wears a variety of bodysuits with various levels of cleavage from "OMG!" to "Holy crap!". Oh yes, there is sideboob to be had and plenty of it. Because when you wear a body stocking there is no room for underwear. So your goodies are on full display. And Jessica has goodies in droves. She's a veritable candy store of sexy goodies. I'm a big fan of skin tight bodysuits. I wish that more hot women would adopt this look. I know Kim K sports them a lot but I think it is a trend whose time has come. I mean, I'm no fashion expert. Just a man who likes to look at scantily clad women. In other words, a man.

But what I do know is that I will appreciate those ladies that do wear bodysuits until they become the popular thing they should be. 

Photo Credit: S Moda