Jessica Simpson’s Pigtail Fiasco

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elliot-wolf - October 20, 2017

How is it possible to have annual slutwalks and then shame a fellow female for having pigtails. Is there a handbook for inappropriate hairstyles that I’m unaware of? In this week’s episode of “outrage only found on the internet” the brightest blonde in the batch, Jessica Simpson, was thrust front and center for channeling her inner school girl. The way most women were mad you would have thought the office accountant walked into the board meeting with cornrows. 

The image, captioned “Channeling my inner school girl,” has received more than 600 comments so far “Pigtails? Not flattering at all. Maybe if you were 2 lol,” commented one person. Added another: Pigtails Pigtails ?.” A third dubbed the look “not age appropriate,” 

I don’t believe Jessica is doing any harm here. While pigtails to most men are just meant for pulling, they are also an acceptable way to wear your hair. Stereotyping a hairstyle is completely unfair and it’s that type of thinking that will have women ashamed to be themselves. Women fought hard for the right to bare nipple on the internet, let’s not be regressive here over some hair. If anything Jessica is just showing everyone else how motherhood should be done. Show some cheek on your hubby’s Instagram for his birthday and show up in some pigtails later down the line. Well balanced decisions. I can guarantee that if you’re offended by anything Jessica is involved in you probably aren’t the core audience she is trying to appeal to anyway. In the voyage towards the other half of life the MILF life chooses you. So you’re not incorrect in assuming that all of the women on the internet leaving hateful comments are just upset at never receiving an invitation as they age ever further into back problems and oblivion. 

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