Jessica Alba Shines For Platinum

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bill-swift - April 18, 2017

Jessica Alba wasn't exactly baring her wares at the New York promotional event for Amex, but she was looking incredibly alluring as always, and you know my rule, Alba Anything. I'd literally watch this woman fix the septic with a dumb smile on my face and a body full of tingles. That's partly because I don't know how plumbing works myself and can't even fix a leaky faucet. The idea of an uber-sextastic woman doing my housework is chillingly hot.

Jessica is now full time executive of her expensive baby products company in addition to being a wicked hot mom and an occasional show off model still. Those last two are my favorite, though I will admit to a certain passion inducement level from Jessica in boardroom get up barking out orders and showing off her good looks. I should probably see a shrink about my fantasies. I mean, see him more often. Jessica, you are one of my Top Ten ride or die girls. I'd prefer the ride part. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet