Jennifer Lopez Models For Guess

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elliot-wolf - February 6, 2018

I’ve seen quite a few pictures over the course of my life but none come close to the level of sophistication and elegance that a photograph of Jennifer Lopez casually draped across a piano oozes. She’s even has this Dolly Parton hair doo going on that would compliment my mullet so well. I was unaware that these photos were even for an advertisement. Please forgive my crass comments but I when I saw the word guess in the corner I thought she was suggesting we ponder whether or not she had on undergarments underneath that mighty fine shade of indigo. I had no intention of purchasing anything Guess before but Lopez has just peaked my interest. 

I was hoping to one day strike up a conversation with Miss Lopez over the internet and maybe invite her to a little music session at my house. I own a Casio keyboard and a rocking chair which I would image to be more comfortable than the flat surface on top of a piano. We could just shoot the breeze over wine while I serenade her with melodies she doesn’t get to hear very often. Then right after we can play guess who just fell in love with the man of their dreams. 


Photo Credit: Splash News